Samsung’s flagship smartphone the GALAXY S 4 is just starting to pick up speed and hit U.S. carrier shelves. While many wait for Verizon’s model to come late next month, AT&T’s arrives in 4 days, and others too. Just in time for the flood of owners getting their shiny new phone we now have a simple root method for the US quad-core Snapdragon version of the GS4.

For those not paying full attention to root methods. Root was achieved for the 8-core Samsung Exynos version last month, but not for the quad-core flavor since it hadn’t quite hit the streets and wasn’t readily available. Now the same developer that cracked and unlocked all of Motorola’s bootloader is back doing the same for Samsung. High Five!

Apparently the same one-click “Motochopper” root method will quickly and safely root that shiny new 5-inch FHD GALAXY S 4, and have you ready for whatever you’d like to do. This is according to this XDA thread mind you, so proceed with caution. It’s pretty simple but here’s how to do it yourself.


Download the MotoChopper zip (click here)
• Extract the entire contents of the zip file.
• If you are using Windows, ensure you have installed the latest Samsung USB drivers available for your phone.
• Ensure USB Debugging mode is enabled on your device.
• Connect your device to your PC via USB.
• If you are using Windows, navigate to the extracted directory and execute “run.bat”. If you are using Linux or OS X, navigate to the extracted directory in a terminal and execute “./”.
• Approve the ADB connection from your PC on your device.

And that’s all she wrote. It should be a simple task for those familiar with these types of things. If you’re new to rooting when you get your GS4, you might want to wait for an even easier solution to arrive. Which one will shortly. This is just about as easy as it comes though. Extract the file and click the file, then you’re ready to rock. Head to the XDA link above if you need a few more tips.

As usual, proceed with caution and do this type of thing at your own risk. Are you getting the GALAXY S 4, and if so, will you be rooting? — Thanks to all who sent this in!

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