The Galaxy Note II is a big, powerful smartphone, but you already knew that. What you may not have known is how some creative artists are using the giant phone to create some really interesting art with water. Artists and designers at Steak Studio have used the phone and its built-in S-Pen to create a pool of water that pushes waves wirelessly, showing all types of designs in the water.

In all, the crew spent 10 days building the project. It was made as a promotional tool in conjunction with Samsung to promote the power and artistic uses of the smartphone. It really is beautiful, and the video below from Jam, and directed by James Morton-Hamworth from Grama Film, will let you see for yourself just how this thing works in a better way than I could possibly describe it.

Steak Studio‚Äôs Director Daniel Kupfer made it clear that the Galaxy Note II is not just a device they used for this promotion. “The Galaxy Note II is a fantastic device that gave us all the computing power required and the ease to bridge things together with zero hassle,” said Kupfer. Essentially, he is saying that this is a device that could be used for all kinds of artistic endeavors.

Besides being an artistic machine, the Note II is just a solid phone with a massive 5.5-inch touchscreen and all the processing power you could ever need. Check out our review of the device for a complete breakdown of this powerhouse.

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