Winter is coming (or already here) and so now we can expect a lot of snow or cold themed products. Even smartphones are apparently not exempt from these winter themes as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is releasing a new variant of the phablet, roughly translated as a “First Snow White” color. Obviously, this one is colored white and not really about the Disney Princess. The Korean OEM said this will be available exclusively in Taiwan. Well, at least for now.

The original announcement is in Chines so we have to rely on Google Translate, which makes some parts of the release pretty confusing. But based on what we’ve understood and what we can see from the images, the back of the Note 9 is in solid white and not only that, it’s a pretty bright white. They describe it as “white glass with silver metal” and the border is defined as “wintery Christmas”.

The lens trim and the fingerprint reader, as well as the panel that has the cameras at the back, are also white. The S Pen is, of course, white as well since it’s being marketed as a wintry color. However, the front screen border is still in black. The metal frame is colored silver with a diamond trim.

To go with your white Galaxy Note 9, they will also be selling a limited edition “Wireless Fast Charged Ambient Light” which is basically a wireless fast charging base. It has an atmosphere light function so it will adjust to the color of its ambience. The announcement says it is valued at $1,190 which is pretty expensive so it might be that it is included with a purchase of the first snow white Galaxy Note 9.

The white Galaxy Note 9 is available in its 128GB internal capacity and will be sold at the Samsung Smart Pavillion in Taiwan and then at Chungwha Telecom until December 31. It’s priced at NT$30,900 which is around $1,000.

SOURCE: Samsung