We still don’t have a clear roadmap on what the plans are for the soon-to-be-announced Galaxy Note 8 beyond the August 23 announcement and the September 15 release in South Korea and the US. But apparently, Samsung Austria was too excited about the plans for a European release that they may have prematurely published a support page for the phablet. While the page is still up, there aren’t any other information that you will actually find there, except for the device’s model number.

The only information about the Note 8 that we can derive from that page is that its European version will be of the dual-sim variety, since it bears the SM-N950F/DS number/letter combination. It’s not really surprising since we’ve seen dual-sim variants of past Samsung devices released in both Europe and Asia, where users are looking for this kind of smartphone. Understandably, the North American and even the South Korean versions don’t have dual-sim as it is not a “need” in these regions.

We don’t really have much to glean from this support page, but we’re probably not out of leaks and rumors as the August 23 official announcement of the Galaxy Note 8 is almost upon us. Some are saying that the supposed September 15 release date in South Korea and the US may actually come earlier, like a week after the announcement.

But for now, what we do know is that the major announcement happens in a week’s time and even though they haven’t mentioned the Galaxy Note 8 officially, we all know what it is, with all of the pen heavy visual materials they’ve been sending.

SOURCE: Samsung Austria