For a smartphone that has been recalled by its maker, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 apparently still features prominently in some parts of the world. The latest report from mobile research firm Apteligent indicates that the phablet, which was pulled out of the market because of the danger its battery posed, still has higher global usage numbers than other Android smartphones like the LG V20, the OnePlus 3T, the HTC Bolt, combined at that. That is both worrying and impressive.

This is particularly worrying since Samsung has continually asked owners to return the Galaxy Note 7 after safety issues with its battery. But apparently there are still some who would still want to use the phablet in spite of the fact that its battery might catch on fire. Before the first recall which happened last September, the Note 7 dominated global usage numbers for the second half of 2016. You would expect that the numbers will go sugnicifamtly down after the global recall, but apparently not.

It took a few months after that, specifically mid-November, before another Android device overtook the Note 7 in terms of numbers, and that is Sony’s Xperia XZ. But Samsung’s ill-fated smartphone still had some good numbers compared to the likes of the LG V20, OnePlus 3T, and the HTC Bolt among others.

The report did not indicate the usage stats between flagships during the 1st half and 2nd of the year, but based on sales numbers, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge will probably be up there. When we see other reports by next year, let’s see if the Galaxy Note 7 will still figure prominently, meaning people still refuse to return it.

VIA: Droid Life