Which is more important, your smartphone not exploding or new emojis? Well hopefully, for those owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that have gotten their revised devices already, they don’t have to choose anymore between the two since they can have it all. The OEM announced the arrival of the device update, more commonly known as the “green battery update” which will now make the emojis more diverse and updated in keeping with the Unicode 9 which other device manufacturers and developers have already adapted.

It took them a while to do this but they probably had other priorities of course. Apple, Facebook, and Google themselves already had the support for the new emoticons. But now, finally, Samsung is able to bring Unicode 9.0 support for the phablet, and this means new emojis (yey, you now have a selfie-taking hand emoji and a slightly more vulgar hand gesture!) and the choice of modifying the skin tones of the people-based emojis.

But Samsung may have slightly buried the lead with this update. It’s actually the promised battery icon update that would help distinguish the new Galaxy Note 7 devices from the older ones that are still probably in danger of having exploding batteries if the owners haven’t voluntarily exchanged them for the safer version.

According to emojipedia, Samsung actually uses emojis that are slightly different from the flat-color Google emojis. They appear to be more glossy, specifically the ones that appear on the Galaxy and Galaxy Note devices. But whether glossy or flat, more emojis are always fun.

VIA: Emojipedia