So you’ve got your gigantic Samsung Galaxy Note all gussied up with the official build of Ice Cream Sandwich, playing around with the S-Pen and generally making other smartphone owners feel like the guy who brought a Kia to a monster truck rally. What could you do to make the Galaxy Note even more audacious? Why, add a massive extended battery complete with replacement cover of course! Enter Mugen Power, which is now offering a 5400mAh replacement battery for the popular phablet.

The Galaxy Note’s standard battery is no slouch: that huge 5.3-inch screen allows the battery bay to extend for an impressive 2500mAh battery, giving the phone a good bit of longevity despite a lot of power draw. The Mugen battery is somewhat less restrained, bumping up the size and the life by a factor of about 2.1. Mugen isn’t saying exactly how much the extended battery cover bulges the phone’s dimensions, but it looks like it’s just under double the thickness of the original.

Since the battery doesn’t actually take up all of the space of the flush cover, they decided to add an extra feature: a kickstand. As I’ve said often and loudly, I love kickstands. It almost makes the $98.95 price tag worth it (almost). THe battery on the site is market for AT&T’s LTE version of the Galaxy Note (SGH-i717), but given our experience with Samsung’s batteries it might work on the international model as well – no promises. Any takers, Galaxy Note owners?

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[via AndroidSpin]