We’ve all been there – that point where we also want to be in the picture with a group of people, but are left holding the phone to be used for the picture. The solution is always to use the lower megapixel front-facing camera, but alas, it brings you to awkward hand-positioning and camera shutter-pressing conditions. Well, what we can tell you is that if you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when it finally comes out, this won’t be a problem anymore. And none of that mono-pod, stick holding thing as well.

The upcoming Galaxy Note 4, reportedly to debut during (or before) IFA 2014 in Berlin this September, will have a new “side touch” feature. This will enable users to tap an area on the side rim of the phone to activate the shutter button, making for easier selfies. Why no one has thought of this – with the proliferation of selfies all over the internet – and why someone would think of a long stick for the solution to this problem is beyond us. Good on you, Samsung.


This feature was supposed to debut on the Galaxy S5, but decided against it on the last moment. The code is still embedded in the GS5 as well, that’s how long Samsung has been toying around with the idea. Another impending improvement to selfies worldwide is the 3.7MP front-facing camera of the Galaxy Note 4. Usually, Samsung goes with the 2.1MP camera, but this is a definite improvement, allowing users to take selfies in WQHD (2560×1440) resolution.


To cap off our camera-centric information about the Galaxy Note 4, we have heard that the main shooter for the device will be a 16MP Sony IMX240 camera sensor with optical image stabilization (OIS), capable of giving us UHD (3840×2160) video at 30FPS. More and more information will be available as the launch nears, so just watch out for those on our home page.

VIA: Sam Mobile