Lots of talk about bending smartphones has been going around after some iPhone 6 Plus devices turned up bent after being carried in pockets. Apple’s response was to say only a few devices have actually bent, but the negative press affected the image of the device and led to a number of other smartphone makers feeling like they need to prove their devices won’t bend.

Samsung has performed a bend test on its phablet device, the Galaxy Note 4, and the smartphone came away unfazed by the testing. Samsung performed a basic three point bend test using a machine that put about 25kg of pressure on the screen of the phone.

The device distorted a bit, but snapped back to its original straight shape when the pressure was removed. The coolest test performed involved a robotic butt. This test had a machine with a couple butt cheeks on it wearing denim jeans.

In this test the robot butt sat on the Galaxy Note 4 several hundred times and simulated a 100kg man’s butt. The Note 4 survived the robot attack without lasting physical injuries.

SOURCE: Samsung