Similar to their smartphone and tablet lineup, Samsung is no stranger to releasing various accessories. The specifics vary from device to device, however it looks like those carrying a Galaxy Note 3 now have another option when it comes to a cover. The very descriptive “Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover” is now available.

Just like the name suggests, this flip cover supports wireless charging and per the S-View portion of the name — it has a window opening so you can view some information without the need to flip over the full cover. Some of the goodies here include access to notifications and also accepting, or rejecting any incoming calls.

Additionally, the S-View cover provides access to the camera, the ability to switch between music tracks, and the Action Memo menu. This S-View cover will replace the standard battery cover and basically just snaps in place. Simply put, this should cut down on some of the bulk that often comes associated with cases.


The wireless charging bit means support for Qi-compatible charging pads. That all being said, Samsung has this available in two device matching colors — white or black. Those looking to pick one of these up will be able to find them direct from Samsung and can expect to pay $69.99.