Those who own or plan to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are getting a little bit more than they thought. Starting today, those who have or will be purchasing the largest in Samsung’s lineup will get a large bonus: $50 in Play Store credit. The offer is good until a week into the new year, so if you don’t already have a Note 3, you have time to get one.

We’ve seen Google promos before, with Motorola and other OEMs offering Drive storage to those who purchase their devices. We’ve even seen some $25 credits for the Play Store go out before, but not $50! That’s a big bonus for a big phone.

To redeem the offer, all you have to do is head to the Samsung offer page and enter your number. From there, reports suggest you’ll enter some information proprietary to your device, like an IMEI number. The site also notes that existing and future customers should receive an email alerting them to the offer, so it’s not something you’ll need to search hard for.

We’re not sure how long it takes to realize your credit, but it should go through pretty quickly once your information is accepted. This could help Samsung move a few more units this holiday season, and could even help with the fledgling Galaxy Gear, as the Note 3 is the only device that can currently pair to it.

VIA: Phandroid