After the Galaxy S flagship series released in Q1 of each year, we can expect the Note flagship in Q3. There have been rumors Samsung will integrate the Galaxy S and Note line but we don’t think it’s happening soon. Before the Galaxy S11 launches, expect the Galaxy S10 will receive more updates. Most of them are the ones found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 as we noted earlier including a video editor, AR Doodle, and Night Mode on the selfie camera among others.

Officially announced today are software updates for the four Galaxy S10 variants: S10e, S10, S10+, and S10 5G. The updates bring the features found on the Note 10. Most smart multimedia features will be available on the S10.

Even other Wi-Fi functions will also be added. Content creation is also on a different level now. User experience is made more seamless and more streamlined. When it comes to file management, the Gallery offers a more refined search using keywords. Searching within the device for apps is easier.

The new Media & Devices to Quick Panel can be helpful in controlling multimedia experience across multiple devices on your Galaxy S10 phone. The device also offers improved Auto Hotspot feature that starts a hotspot with other Samsung devices automatically. Wi-Fi Tips allows a more secure and stable connection

As promised, the AR Doodle function is also available so you can add drawings to images. Recording videos can be a delight with the Super Steady video stabilization. You can also use the Video Editor. At night, take advantage of the Night Mode for the selfie shooter. Use the updated Samsung DeX for improved productivity.