The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was one of the first devices to get the update to Jelly Bean (at least on some carriers), but that may not necessarily be a good thing. Apparently, Jelly Bean didn’t come as bug-free as we’d hoped it would, with some Galaxy Nexus users reporting a bug that messes with the phone’s GPS capabilities. The bug can make it difficult for your Galaxy Nexus to get a proper GPS fix, which could complicate things if you’re trying to get somewhere and were planning to rely on your phone’s GPS to do so.

Thankfully, there seems to be a pretty easy fix for this particular bug. Before you can fix it, though, you have to find out if you’re actually affected by it. Android Central suggests opening any app that uses the GPS to track your location, such as Google Maps. If the notification “Searching for GPS…” appears without a flashing icon and you know you have satellites in view (something that can be easily tested through apps like GPS Test), then your Galaxy Nexus has fallen victim to the bug.

In order to fix it, you simply need to go into Settings and select “Location Services.” Once you’ve done that, just uncheck and re-check “Google’s location service” and you’ll more than likely be good to go. See? We told you it was an easy fix. Affected users have confirmed that this fix works for them, so the bug doesn’t appear to be too particularly nasty in that respect. At the very least, it’s good that we’re only getting reports of an easily-fixable GPS bug when the update could have brought on bugs that are far worse.

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