Recently here at Android Community we’ve been enjoying many different kernels for the Galaxy Nexus and have even featured a few here in the recent past. While many are great and work well today we have what appears to be one of the absolute best at the moment. That is the Franco kernel. More details and impressions after the break.

Now since I love a few different kernel builders like Morfic I’ve decided to add in a few screenshots of the Galaxy Nexus running stock, Morfic’s Trinity kernel, and the latest Franco build for a good comparison. We have a few Quadrant benchmark tests below for those interested although benchmarks aren’t everything. Daily usage performance needs to also be better, and that is exactly what we have with Franco’s latest update that dropped today.

If you’ve been looking for a kernel that will make your Galaxy Nexus scream with performance while giving you exceptional battery life then look no further than Franco. It really is the best we’ve tried thus far and was actually quite impressive. From loading up the browser, launching the gallery and even benchmarks — performance was boosted across the board. We’ll have to update on battery life but so far things are looking good.

Running the Galaxy Nexus completely stock on Verizon with Android 4.0.2 Ice Cream Sandwich we get roughly 1600 in Quadrant — quite low for a 1.2 GHz dual-core device although daily usage suggests otherwise as it performs great. With a good CM9 build and Franco’s latest kernel build #15 with tons of updates and improvements this boosts way up to 2600 and I/O results were increased 5 fold. It’s safe to say that while stock this device is great, but with the addition of this latest kernel build from Franco it simply flies.

Obviously there are a lot of different variables here with settings, overclocking, the ROM you are running and more but all of these tests were on the stock settings right after flashing. Trinity performs great and we’ve been running it for a few days now but the benchmark tests were extremely low. Looking through the changelog and extremely close attention to detail from Franco we can safely say his kernel is as good as it gets — for now.

Check out the screenshots below to see the results from stock, Trinity, and then Franco and see for yourself just how impressive it really is. If you’re the kernel flashing type, running Android 4.0.3 and would like to give it a try check out the XDA Thread here for all the details, changes, and download links.

[device id=2091]

[via +Vincent Nguyen]


  1. I would highly recommend checking out Ezekeel’s kernel too over at Rootz as the performane & battery is equal if not better than franco’s, minus a blinding boot animation as well (no pun intended, LOL). My Trinity benches were beyond this too.. 😉

  2. All iterations of the Franco kernel cause gta3 to force close. Same with trinity. I’ve had very good luck with the APEX kernel I’m sure its an issue with the game I’ve had no other problems with Franco kernels but the apex kernel has also boosted my benchmarks quite nicley .

  3. Hi, i’m a pretty techy guy, but not on android yet haha. I meed to know a good place thqt i can find all of the roms, kernels, themes, and radios for my verizon galaxy nexus. Oh, and also a comparison would be nice. Unless someone thinks that there is a kernel, such as this one, that is so good that there is no chance that there will ever be a better one to come out. Where do you guys go to find out about all these things?


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