If you have been one of the many Android fans who are spamming the websites of your favorite stores looking for the Galaxy Nexus to go on sale; you need to go into the closest Best Buy or Verizon store sand see what you can do. eWeek reports that in some Best Buy and Verizon locations, the Galaxy Nexus has been sold early to customers. This isn’t such good news today as it would have been weeks back, still no one likes to wait.

On December 9, a software engineer from CrowdFlower named David Fayram reports that he walked into a Best Buy store, and they sold him one of the phones in stock and sitting there for the official launch. Another user reportedly purchased one from Verizon that was in the stockpile waiting for the official launch.

I don’t think many of us will be surprised to learn that Fayram reports the smartphone has the typical Verizon bloatware installed. The Verizon software in question includes the My Verizon Mobile and Verizon migration Assistant software. The actual launch is December 15 and most of us will have to wait until then to get the phone.

[via eWeek]