Ever since the popular Samsung Galaxy Nexus launched we’ve been waiting for a few awesome accessories from Google and Samsung. We saw a great desktop dock in Hong Kong during the official Nexus unveil, and an impressive car dock that I’d love to buy but sadly none are available. Popular online shop Clove UK has recently updated their blog stating that accessories have been delayed. They aren’t the only ones pushing back dates either but we do have some good news after the break.

Other online retailers such as Expansys USA have also pushed back availability dates for almost all of their Galaxy Nexus accessories with the exception of one — that awesome car dock. This is the dock we’ve all seen that features the 3 pin connectors for the side of the Galaxy Nexus, not to mention it has audio out and micro-USB ports on the side. This is not the version being offered by Verizon — but the official Galaxy Nexus dock from Samsung.

Expansys USA has the car dock in stock and will begin shipping January 29th. Being one of the first to offer this accessory for the Galaxy Nexus in the USA. They do specifically mention that compatibility with the slightly thicker Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus is unknown but I have a feeling it just might fit, but don’t take my word for it. Head down to the via and see what they have to offer.

[via Expansys]