Plenty of you disappointed when Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus car dock for the Verizon LTE version of the phone turned out to be less of a dock and more of a snugly-fitting piece of plastic. So far Verizon customers haven’t been able to take advantage of the three electrical contacts on the left side of the phone at all. Though Google states (emphatically and repeatedly) that the docks on the Google Play Store are for the GSM model only, at least one LTE Gnex owner on XDA got it to work.

According to XDA member Wade-0, the LTE model will indeed fit into the GSM car dock, even with the popular extended battery in place. The biggest problem is that the volume rocker is slightly depressed when doing so, an issue that Wade got around by slicing a small part of the plastic off. There’s also a little bit of confusion over whether or not the phone will actually charge, since he’s got  custom kernel that allows faster charging via USB. (Good on ya.)

Other small issues like the dock partially blocking the camera and auxiliary port can probably be solved in the same fashion, so long as you’re OK with taking a knife to your $54 car dock. Based on this, I think I’ll just stick with the dock I’ve got now for my personal vehicle. Ain’t it a shame that all this could have been avoided if Samsung had done right by Verizon customers in the first place?

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[via Droid-Life]