You’ve probably heard someone say that someday, your smartphone just might change your life. You might be in a life or death situation, where you will have to resort to using an app or you have to Google something just to get out of a threatening scenario. However, for a man in China, he experienced this literally as his Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 took a bullet for him, ensuring that he lived to tell the tale after an altercation in a snack shop in Xinjiang.

According to a local news website, a man dropped his wallet while at the snackshop, where another man promptly picked it up and returned it to the owner. However, before doing so, he joked that maybe he should just keep the money so he could buy alcoholic drinks. This did not please the wallet’s owner and so he scuffled with the wallet-returner and the other people with them try to break up the fight.

But it seems like the two men really wanted to have it out, and they resumed their fight outside of the shop. The second man then pulls out a knife (although some reports say it was a sickle, although why he was carrying that around is another story probably) either just to intimidate him or to actually cause injury. What he didn’t know was that the other man had a gun which he promptly shoots. The wallet-returning guy puts up a hand to “block” the bullet but it hits him in the arm nonetheless but also goes through his body, where the unsuspecting Galaxy Mega 6.3 in his shirt pocket manages to block it.

The second man was then brought to the hospital to treat for his flesh wound, while the gun-toting man surrendered himself to the police. The lesson learned here? Either you always put your large smartphone in your shirt pocket or maybe you stop joking around with strangers because you never know when they might be carrying a deadly weapon.

VIA: SlashGear