Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Anroid 9 PIE

Alongside the new Galaxy Note 9, Samsung launched the new Galaxy Watch. As expected, the Gear line has been renamed. The Galaxy Watch offers a new branding and a better battery life. We have yet to get our hands on one but while waiting, we know old Galaxy Gear owners may be getting excited about the update to Android 9. But please wait some more. Hold that upgrade for now because you might experience some problems. Don’t do anything yet to your old Gear until the issue is resolved.

The problem wasn’t around when Android P Developer Preview reached the older Gear S watches but only since the Android 9 Pie was announced. We don’t have a number on how many experienced it but some who applied the official Android Pie version experienced the problem in pairing their wearable device and smartphone.

The same problem wasn’t present earlier. It only came with the newly announced Android 9.0 update. There is no official statement yet from Samsung but it seems the two are incompatible. Good thing there’s a quick fix for that.

If your Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch suddenly doesn’t pair when on Android Pie, don’t fret. You may not believe this but adding the weather widget will fix it. If you don’t have the app, add the weather widget ASAP. Add a city when asked. The watch will then connect to your smartphone.

Pairing should not be complicated between a smartwatch and smartphone but the new Android Pie dessert is making a mark. It’s only a minor problem so nothing to worry, really.

VIA: Reddit