Samsung Galaxy Fold Software Update

Last week, we told you about the Samsung Galaxy Fold getting the recent Galaxy Z Fold2 update. It brings new features and improvements available on the new foldable phone to the original version. This means the older model will be almost like brand-new, at least, if we’re talking about software. If you own a Galaxy Fold, you don’t have to buy the new-gen just to experience what’s new from Samsung. Simply download and install the update that has started to roll out.

The update brings App Pair. This new feature allows Galaxy Fold owners to define groups of three mobile apps that can launch together in a pre-determined layout. Samsung is also updating the Multi-Active Window mode. From a vertical position, you can now set the apps horizontally for a bigger preview.

Samsung’s latest update brings Capture View Mode. This one allows a user to split the screen as you’re taking picture. You can use the right screen for the camera app. The dual preview offers a preview of photos and videos on the outer display. This one can also be used in the Rear Cam Selfie mode.

As for Samsung DeX support, it’s ready now for the Galaxy Fold. This lets a user connect the foldable phone to a smart TV. Use it as a secondary display which may be useful for work or entertainment.

When it comes to imaging, the Galaxy Fold’s camera system can be upgraded with new camera features. Expect Auto Framing to zoom in/out automatically. It can also keep whatever subject of an image is always centered.

Samsung has started to roll out the update to Galaxy Fold owners. Those living in the US are getting it first. Watch out for the OTA.