A tiny team of developers over at XDA-D including Captainkrtek, who with that name must obviously be a ladies man and expert diplomat, are working on a project that will port HTC Sense to Galaxy Devices. You can of course help, so long as you rock at this sort of thing and are deemed worthy by the council of 8. Lord of the Rings style.

Actually just talk to them over at this thread on the XDA Developers Forum and they’ll gladly have you join them in either working on the project or testing what they’ve got already out. Currently they’re looking for Kernel devs, ROM porters, and people with skills in editing and porting APK files. Other members of the team already in place are: Whosdaman, dharvey4651, geniusdog254, DevinXtreme, noobnl, TheDudeButch, and Mammon88. Such lovable names, these peoples.

[Via XDA Developers]