The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ got pretty positive reviews and was a good enough upgrade for its predecessor, even though it didn’t have the much-awaited Active Noise Cancellation feature. Now the original Galaxy Buds is getting a software update and receiving some of the features that they brought to the newer version. This includes Microsoft Swift Pair, Ambient Sound, and Spotify integration. This way, if your earbuds are still working well, you may not need to upgrade yet to the Galaxy Buds+.

For those who are using a Windows 10-based computer, you will now be able to pair your Galaxy Buds easily if you haven’t yet. The Microsoft Swift Pair compatibility, it’s easier to connect to and switch between your PC/laptop and your smartphone, if you’ve paired the truly wireless earbuds with both of them. It should make life easier as you make and take phone calls, then listen to music, then join remote video meetings, and other things you do on your computer and phone.

It may not have ANC but the Ambient Sound feature on the Galaxy Buds+ is a bonus. Now for the first time in the Galaxy Buds, you will be able to get this feature automatically. You can now listen to music and watch videos on your device and still be aware of your surroundings. You can even experience Ambient Sound even if you just have one earbud in. This feature is especially useful for those running outside (although you probably shouldn’t do that for now) or watching movies on your TV while your kids are asleep.

Lastly, the Galaxy Buds will now receive Spotify integration as well. You can launch it with a single press or a tap and hold gesture. It will launch with whatever it is you were listening to previously. But if you want to listen to something else, you can tap and hold again and it will launch a recommended playlist. You just have to set the Spotify integration in the Galaxy Wearable app.

The Galaxy Buds software update has started rolling out to users. You can check your Galaxy Wearable app to see if the update is already available for you so you can start enjoying these Galaxy Buds+ features that they brought to your older wearables.