We’re counting the days until we will finally be able to see the Samsung Galaxy S10 family but we also expect that they will be unveiling other products and devices during their Unpacked event this February. Now, a new leak of the Galaxy S10 shows what other product may be announced: the long-rumored Galaxy Buds. But more than that, we see the buds being charged on the back of the smartphone, which may be confirmation of its reverse charging powers.

The “official looking photo” shows the truly wireless earbuds from Samsung, which may or may not come with the Galaxy S10. But from the photo, what we see are the earbuds nesting in their charging case and placed on the back of the smartphone, indicating that the phone may actually be juicing it up wirelessly. The photo was released on the German site WinFuture and posted by tipster Roland Quandt.

The reverse charging rumors have been out there for some time now but this is the first time we’re getting a visual “confirmation” that it will be happening for the Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy S10. The latter has also long been rumored to have that capability and it seems like it will be working like the reverse wireless charging feature of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

The photo does not show though if other devices can also be wirelessly charged on the back of the Galaxy S10, but that’s probably what we can expect. It may also come not just with the Galaxy S10 but also the other two devices in the flagship line including the cheaper Galaxy S10E.
The leak also seems to indicate a possible price for the Galaxy Buds. It says it should be around €149 or $169, which isn’t far off from the Apple AirPods, which they say Samsung wants to compete against. We’ll have a couple more weeks to see if these leaks and rumors are correct at the Unpacked event on February 20.