A lot of devices, particularly the high-end ones, are not built to be repaired by mere mortals. But of course, there are a lot of self-repair videos that you can follow out there if you really want to try and risk doing it yourself. iFixit is one of those channels that does device teardowns so that you don’t have to do it yourself and see which smartphones, tablets, and accessories are easy to repair and possible to do it on your own. It seems that the Galaxy Buds2 is not that easy to “deconstruct” and this may be a trend for future truly wireless earbuds from Samsung.

The latest video from iFixit shows that the Galaxy Buds 2 may be easy to open up but it is not as repairable as the previous iterations of the earbuds. They previously gave props to the Galaxy Buds line for how easy it is to open up and repair given that earbuds are not the toughest of accessories out there given its size and parts. When opening up the earbuds, the shell gets deformed in the process so there’s that from the start of the process.

While the inner pink shell with all the hardware is also pretty easy to remove, the problem is when you get to the battery. They are soldered to the connectors so those who will be DIY-ing their repairs will have a hard time with this in terms of parts. Previous models like the Galaxy Buds+ did not have this set up so this might mean that moving forward, the earbuds’ batteries will be like what we’re seeing with the Galaxy Buds 2.

The good news is that the charging case seems to be easier to deconstruct and also has a modular battery instead of the buds’ soldered ones. It is “less likely to fail or die” than the coin batteries but it’s easier to replace if ever the time comes when you need to do so. The over-all rating that iFixit gives to the Galaxy Buds 2 is 5 out of 10 when it comes to repairs. The easy teardown is probably due to the lower IPX2 of this pair.

The best option would be to bring your Galaxy Buds 2 through the proper repair channels of course especially if you don’t know much about repairing devices like these. You might save on money but eventually pay a higher price if you decide to do it yourself.