The rumored upcoming Samsung Galaxy Active Watch 2 is not something that will appeal to the active set. But according to its supposed new features, it may also be marketed towards those who want to monitor their health features. The wearable device may have features like an ECG app, notification for atrial fibrillation, and fall detection. If these rumors are real, then the next smartwatch from Samsung will be in direct competition with the Apple Watch 4 series with its health-focused features and services.

According to a report on SAM Mobile, the Galaxy Active Watch 2 will have an ECG app so that you’ll be able to take an electrocardiogram without having to go to a hospital. Of course, this will not be as accurate as an actual ECG but if you feel like you’re experiencing rapid or low heartbeat, at least you’ll be able to gauge and capture your heart rhythm. You can then share the data with your physician and determine if you need to go to the hospital or it can be fixed by medication or other recommended remedies.

Another feature that will come with the smartwatch is atrial fibrillation or Afib notifications. It will occasionally check your heart rhythm and if it detects an irregular rhythm, it will send you a notification. This condition is one of the most common kinds of heart conditions and if not detected and treated may actually result in a stroke. Fall Detection may also be coming with this wearable. If it detects a hard fall, it will display an alert on your screen and you have a one-tap option to call emergency services or just dismiss it if not needed. If it doesn’t get a response from you in a certain period of time, it will call emergency services and send messages to your emergency contacts.

The Galaxy Active Watch 2 will reportedly be available in 44mm and 40mm sizes and will not have the rotating bezel that we’ve seen (and some have loved) in previous Samsung smartwatches. Other than that, we didn’t have much information about the device until now.

Samsung will probably need to get FDA clearance for some of these features just like what Apple did for their Apple Watch 4. This means we probably won’t see them at launch and may come with future updates to the device. That depends on when Samsung will officially release the Galaxy Active Watch 2 which will reportedly be on August 7, alongside the Galaxy Note 10.