Samsung might be aggressive and passionate about its marketing efforts, but the people it employs might not be as single-minded about it. In a rather silly but not unheard of goof up, football legend Franz Beckenbauer was discovered to have tweeted about the company’s recent viral marketing campaign using none other than his iPhone.

Samsung’s advertising budget has recently been put under a microscope, showing just how much, literally and figuratively, the company is putting into projecting its image. While just a fraction of its profits, its marketing budget is exponentially higher than that of other companies, especially Apple, one of its biggest rivals. Analysts are saying that Samsung’s advertising push might not be giving it the best bang for buck, and this latest incident might just drive home that point.

The latest marketing stunt from Samsung involves a rather thin, if not unoriginal, plot, with a handpicked teamof football stars, called the Galaxy 11, as Earth’s only line of defense against invading aliens. The team includes players from all over the world with Lionel Messi as the captain and Franz Beckenbauer holding the reins. Like many such advertising projects, people are expected to retweet certain things over and over again. Perhaps unbeknownst to Beckenbauer, one of his tweets was traced to have originated from an iPhone instead of, say, a Samsung Galaxy device.

Beckenbauer can perhaps be forgiven as he is not the only one to have made that slip, and he will definitely not be the last. Other celebrities have also made similar blunders, advertising devices right from a competitor’s product. Unfortunately, it seems that the common denominator in all of these is the iPhone or the iPad.

VIA: Apple Insider