It remains to be seen how much street view access you’ll be able to get before bumping into T-Mobile’s 3G 1GB data cap.   With data intensive phones there are always limitations as to how much you can use before the provider starts losing money: with the G1 it appears to be as low as 1GB.

Using the G1 for internet access on your laptop (tethering) is completely out of the picture with these data restrictions in place. If your total data usage in any billing cycle is more than 1GB, T-Mobile reserves the right to lower your bandwidth usage to 50 kbps or less for the remainder of your billing cycle, and/or terminate or suspend your contract.

This data limitation on such a phone is crippling. While it keeps the monthly data package price low, it limits usage in a big way. With downloading applications, sending instant messages browsing the web and downloading media from Amazon there is little bandwidth left to use. The iPhone 3G has a cap of 5-6GBs depending on where you live, giving users more options as to just how they use their phone. The iPhone 3G pulls away in this aspect seeing as how both phones being about the same with data usage.

[via AC Forums]