Best Buy has been expanding their mobile phone section for months now. New leaks points to Best Buy selling the T-Mobile G1 sometime in October or early November time frame per the screen below.

With the shelf date almost a month after they receive the devices, this will gives T-Mobile a chance to sell quite a few handsets before giving sales to other companies. T-Mobile will official release the G1 on October 22nd.

By looking at the screenshots that came across Boy Genius Report, Best Buy will be getting not only the T-Mobile G1, but the unlocked crappy Treo Pro and the new BlackBerry Pear Flip (in red), which is the first flip version of the ever-popular BlackBerry smartphone. The red BlackBerry Flip is set to be on Best Buy shelves October 26th while the Palm Tro Pro does not appear to have a definite sale date.

[Via Wired]