Since remote working has become a norm, Google’s Chat and Meet – the messaging and video chat applications – have become increasingly popular. Now in order to make the experience within Gmail more integrated so that users don’t have to venture out of the interface to interact with other apps in the G Suite – Google has begun rolling out a new Gmail with Chat, Rooms and Meet applications.

If you are a G Suite customer, you know the experience is not short of amazing. Now Google has begun rolling out an integrated Gmail experience for G Suite customers – on Web and Android – which brings Mail, Chat, Rooms and Meet together in a single dashboard. The new experience will be based around an overhauled Gmail which would come with four distinct tabs for the company’s chat and other core communication services.

The idea behind the overhaul is to allow G Suite customers to access the company’s portfolio of collaboration tool at one place, minimizing the hassle of constantly switching between Google apps to message, schedule a meeting, or share a document. This new integrated experience that will launch to all domains with Chat Preferred enabled; Google says, will let customers be more focused, productive and be able to collaborate more effectively.

Google has categorically said that despite the integration of Chat, Rooms and Meets, the mail experience is remain unaltered. The tabs for these apps will be added at the bottom on Android devices and in the left sidebar in the Gmail interface on the web – where Meet and Chat already appear. The search engine giant also informs that the new interface will allow users to open and co-edit document(s) with their team without leaving Gmail.

Other notable features that have been included to Gmail include notifications for task updates in Rooms, option to set preference to “Do not disturb” or “Out of office”, and share files in Rooms. Google states, some features included in this launch will require certain services to be enabled in Admin console. The Gmail revamp will be available to users in the coming weeks; iOS users will also get the update soon.


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