If you’re dealing with just a few files on your Google Drive, finding whatever you need can be easy and not so stressful. But if you belong to an organization that uses it to store and share thousands of files from maybe hundreds of users, then that becomes a bit more complicated and will take a bit of time to locate what you really need. The latest update to the GSuite version of Google Drive will help organizational users solve this problem by “intelligently organizing” the Shared With Me section using artificial intelligence.

The Shared With Me section isn’t new for a lot of Google Drive users. But what is new with this latest update is that Google will start organizing the section better, showing people who probably often share files with you and listing the latest files that they have shared. They will be using machine learning and AI to predict the people and files that you’re most likely looking for and present them to you first before showing all the other files that may match your search criteria.

As with a lot of the new AI features, the results will improve when you use the service a lot since it learns from how you search for things and even what kind of things you search for. Google says they’re looking to adding more features that will use AI and machine learning to make it easier for you to find files and to collaborate with your teammates in the organization.

The update to the Google Drive will start rolling out to G Suite users in the next couple of weeks. If your organization uses G Suite, let us know if the search function for the cloud storage service has improved.

SOURCE: Google