Last January, we told you about a new streaming service that will soon arrive for mobile devices wherein you can have access to some of the most popular Japanese anime series. It was supposed to arrive in February, but after a delay of a few weeks, FunimationNow is really here. The company behind it is one of the biggest distributors of Japanese animation in the US and so shows you previously couldn’t watch can now be accessed through the app.

It’s the right time for such a service to be arriving in the US as on-demand streaming is the prevalent media consumption manner for a lot of people now. And of course Japanese anime has a huge niche market in the country, and so this avid group will most likely be the ones to line up first to have FunimationNow. It will be available in a lot of platforms and devices, including Android smartphones and tablets, as well as some gaming consoles like the Xbox, PS4, Roku devices, etc. It also supports streaming through your Chromecast.

There are two tiers for the subscription service available. The lower one at $5 will give you unlimited access to all the titles in their catalog. But you will have English subtitles only for the Japanese-language shows. Plus, of course there are ads. The higher tier is at $8 and you will be able to watch either the sub-titled shows or the English dubbed versions, whichever you prefer when watching your favorite anime shows. There are also no ads in this level.


Anime fans will be extremely happy with this of course. But if you’ve never watched a Japanese anime in your life, you might want to try out FunimationNow and see if it’s for you.

VIA: SlashGear