The Project Ara is real. Before you think that the concept won’t see the light of the day. Google finally showed off the modular phone at the Google I/O 2015 conference. The tech giant may have given focus on projects Soli and Jacquard but the appeareance of the before the show ended was memorable. It was good to see the Project Ara in the flesh, already functional and the swappable modules being demonstrated.

Google’s Project Ara team has redeemed itself by finally bringing a demo unit that’s actually functioning. If you may remember, last year’s demo wasn’t a success. ATAP software lead Rafa Camargo successful showcased the Project Ara by snapping several modules on the “endo” skeleton framework. The device booted into Android without any problem.

Project Ara 3

Not all slots on the “endo” have been occupied though. The camera module was even turned off at first but was placed when phone was running and then it started working immediately. A photo of the Google I/O audience was taken with it:

Project Ara 6

So the Project is really working. It’s functioning and kudos to Google for making a hot-swap-compatible framework for both the software and hardware. The company is also working with other partners to make more modules that can fit into the empty bays. No word on what camera was used for today’s demo but it could be by Toshiba. If you notice, the photo was under low-light condition so it’s not as clear but we’re hoping it’s still under development.

Later this year, the search giant will start a trial of the Project Ara in Puerto Rico. No information when it will be released commercially.

VIA: SlashGear


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