This year’s Computex featured a lot of exciting new things in the world of Android. QuickBoot by Ubiquitous aims to shorten the time it takes to boot up Android to a fraction of the current time. It usually takes 30 seconds of more to for Android to boot up, this video has a device that does it in 1 second.

This isn’t an actual cold boot, the software loads an image that it has saved in a previous shutdown. It then restores that image similar to the way your desktop does with “sleep” mode of “hibernate” for your laptop. It’s still an impressive feat and will be a welcome addition to every Android device.

This technology could possibly make its way to an Android near you. Ubiquitous is providing the SDK for QuickBoot to OEMs and it could potentially be implemented into upcoming handsets. I would love to have my phone boot up that quick, this is another great innovation by the Android development community.


[via Chris Pirillo]


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