The primary DROID line’s got a special place in our hearts, and if you want a powerhouse Verizon LTE phone with a full QWERTY keyboard, you’d best make a space in your wallet. The full specifications of the upcoming DROID 4 were leaked over at Droid Life, and this one is a doozie. The specs mostly match those of the DROID RAZR, with the obvious addition of some extra bulk for the sliding keyboard.

First of all, the 4-inch qHD screen seems to be a holdover from the DROID 3. The leaked promotional material doesn’t mention a Super AMOLED panel like the RAZR, so I’ll go ahead and assume LCD. Inside you get the same 1.2Ghz dual core/1GB processor-RAM combo from the RAZR, plus 16GB of storage, which can be augmented with a MicroSD card. The battery gets a boost to 1785mAh, and (YES!) you can replace it yourself, albeit with a supplied plastic key.

The keyboard gets an edge-lit makeover, but the 8MP 1080p rear camera stays the same. No word on the front camera, but it’s probably the same one found in the RAZR as well. All this gets crammed into a body 12.7mm thin, a hair thinner than the DROID 3. The exterior styling gets a tapered look to match the RAZR and the upcoming XOOM 2/XYBOARD models. Unfortunately there’s no official word on pricing, but December 8th is looking good for a release date.