Fujitsu has been peddling some tablet style computer for a long time before the iPad hit the market. Many of those machines were convertible notebooks more than the true tablets of today though. My kids’ doctor office used Fujitsu tablet style machines for taking notes in the office for years now. Fujitsu has some tablets that it has been offering for the consumer market like the 10.1-inch screen TH40/D that it showed off not long ago, but that machine didn’t run the Android OS.

DigiTimes tips that Fujitsu is getting a tablet ready for the third quarter of 2011 that will run the Android OS. The tablet is said to have a 7-inch screen and was expected to run the latest version of Android available at that time, thought to be Android 3.1. The tablet is expected to sell for $347 to $694 here in the States. If Fujitsu wants to sell the thing it had better be on the low end of that scale.

To hit the price range targeted the production will be farmed out to Taiwanese ODMs for the build. Exactly which company will build the tablet is unknown at this time. What do you think about Fujitsu offering up a new Android tablet? The market is getting crowded, and I think many will agree that the prices many companies are asking for their Android tablets are more than most want to spend. At $347 I can see it being popular, at $694 its going to be a hard sell.

[via DigiTimes]