It seems that photo printing is now trying to catch up with the rising trend of mobile photography. Building on its line of instax mini instant cameras, Fujifilm is now unveiling the instax SHARE SP-1, a small printer just for your smartphone.

In concept, the instax SHARE SP-1 would sound vaguely familiar, like the LG Pocket Photo 2 announced last week. You basically take a photo with your smartphone, send it wirelessly through a proprietary Fujifilm app made just for the purpose, and see your photo get printed out in small 62 mm x 46 mm prints. Fujifilm isn’t exactly forthcoming with the exact details of the device. The printer has a dedicated reprint button that will, you guessed it, print out the photo again. Other than that, we’ll have to wait and see what else this pocket printer has to offer.


What makes the instax SHARE SP-1 somewhat worthy of a second look is the free app that comes with it. Aside from allowing you to enlarge, reduce, or apply filters to the photo before sending it out to the printer, the app also offers a few templates, practically frames around the photo, to make it more interesting. The Real Time Template places information like date/time, location, and weather to make the photo truly memorable. The Limited Edition Template numbers the photos as in a series, conveying the fact that it is part of a limited edition set. The SNS TEmplate uses images uploaded from Facebook or Instagram and adds the profile photo of its source and the number of likes or votes on it.


Fujifilm hasn’t yet disclosed when the instax SHARE SP-1 smartphone printer will be available and with what price tag. It is also quiet on the types of film and paper that can be used with the printer.

SOURCE: Fujifilm