Fujifilm’s instax series of cameras has proven really popular for those who are living in both the digital and analog worlds. The company has now announced the flagship model of the series, a Hybrid instant camera that lets you print instax photos as well. The instax mini Evo is designed with a “premium and classical touch” and has twice the exposure model of previous hybrid cameras. They are also releasing a new mini-format film called “Stone Gray” which can be used with the mini Evo.

The hybrid camera has an LCD monitor on the rear panel so you can check what the photos you take actually look. While the quality of these kinds of cameras are not really that great or comparable to actual cameras, it has proven to be pretty popular with those who want their photos to be printed instantly. The mini Evo has several shooting effects that you can use and there are 100 combinations of effects for customization and to match and convey your emotions or personality.

Some of the ten lens effects that you can use include Soft Focus, Light Leak, Monochrome, and Retro. You can also use the instax-Rich mode if you want to get fuller colors and instax-Natural if you want a softer look. Design-wise, the camera has a classic design with a silver coating. It also has a print lever, lens dial and film dial, and even an operation sound so the camera gets an operational feel like you would get in an analog camera.

The camera can be used with the instax mini Evo app and has a Direct Print function so you can print directly from your smartphone. The app also has Save Printed Images which lets users save a photo within an instax frame and with the mini Evo label. This way you can share instax-looking photo frames on social media or messaging apps. The Stone Gray mini-format film has a gray frame with metallic silver accents and can be used with compatible instax cameras and printers.

The instax mini Evo will be available in Japan by December and will cost $199.95. It will eventually be released in the U.S. but it will be by early 2022 already.


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