Google Fuchsia OS Huawei Honor Play

We haven’t mentioned anything new about Fuchsia but we remember the last time when we said it’s the Android replacement that isn’t. We’ve seen it on Android Open Source Project with Android Runtime and a demo was ready on the web. It was also able to run on a Pixelbook. We thought it would launch as a desktop OS after seeing the APK and preview. It even got a new logo sometime last year. Now we’ve got news Huawei is considering the Fuchsia OS on Honor Play and is currently testing the platform.

A partnership between Huawei and Google isn’t surprising at all because the two have worked in the past, bringing the Nexus 6P. The phone was manufactured by Huawei but was marketed as a Nexus phone.

We’ve been waiting for confirmation if Google will be launching a new OS but nothing is clear. We don’t think Android will be replaced yet. The Fuchsia will be something else. Perhaps it’s the Android OS that works well on phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and flexible devices.

So many things can be said about Google’s plans for the future but we don’t really know for sure until the official announcement. At this point, everything is being done in secret although numerous information is available.

A Huawei Honor Play powered by Fuchsia is possible. The top Chinese OEM knows what to do with new stuff and someday, we’re expecting more Huawei and Honor-branded phones will be able to support such.

Some of the Huawei devices that may receive Fuchsia include the Huawei Mate 10, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Mate 10 Porsche Design, Huawei P20, P20 Pro, Mate RS Porsche Design, Honor V10, Honor 10, Nova 3, and Note 10.

VIA: 9T05Google