If you and Android user that likes to play games on the go and have Fruit Ninja installed, the game has been updated. The latest update brings a feature that fans have been waiting for with the addition of arcade mode.

The arcade mode was previously only offered on the iPhone and has finally landed for Android users. The arcade mode brings a 60-second time attack and has some bonus items to hack up too. The bonuses include a banana that slows down the game making combo scores easier and a frenzy banana that makes tons of fruit come on screen for more points.

You can also nail a double points banana to do just what it says. If the bombs hit, you will lose ten points. This sounds like a good update that players of the game will want to download.

Via Recombu


  1. Does the new version have multitouch support? In 1.3.3 it didn’t work although there’s m.t. support since the first iPhone version

  2. I got 8920 points as my high score on arcade mode and I have no idea how. I hadn’t even played the game in days and the app was closed but when I came back the final score sheath thing was up and I just immediately dismissed it without looking at it and then I saw my high score and was like how the heck did I get 8920 points???


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