If there’s something strange in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Fruit Ninjas! No, this isn’t the sequel to the latest movie in the ghost busting franchise but rather a limited time only update to your favorite fruit slashing game. To celebrate the release of the new female-led Ghostbusters, you get to put on your digital Ecto goggles and make sure your Proton Pack is fully loaded as Fruit Ninja goes all out in the battle against the paranormal.

Ghosts have now taken over New York City and it is up to you and your fruit slashing skills to make sure that these spooky ghosts will not create further chaos. You get to battle six familiar foes in the game but you better be careful because the ghosts are actually hiding in the fruit. And to help you in this battle, you get the Ghostbusters Proton Blade. All you need to do is draw an X to cross the streams and energy traps will spring up to trap these runaway ghosts.

Aside from spooking everyone to death, these monsters have also frozen the fruit in the new dojo challenge. So better obey the power of Patty, go back to New York City and finish them off. Get ready to be slimed and maybe swim in ectoplasmic residue if you fail to do your job.

This is a limited time only special feature so better update your Fruit Ninja Free app from the Google Play Store so you can start slicing fruits and slaying ghosts.

SOURCE: Halfbrick