I would bet that any of you that are into mobile games have heard of Fruit Ninja. This really cool game has been around for a while now. Back in late March, the game was on Amazon as the free app of the day. Halfbrick Studios has now announced that the game is on the Android Market for free. The free version is called Fruit Ninja Free.

Reading the free version description it sounds just like the older pay version that sold for a bit over a dollar. You get three play modes with Classic, Zen, and Arcade. You get the same power ups in arcade mode like Freeze, Frenzy, and Double Score. Players can also unlock custom blades and achievements. The thing that is a bit confusing is that the normal pay version of Fruit Ninja is still available as well.

It has the same description as the free version. The HD version for tablets is also still available. If you grab the new free version and find any differences between it and the older paid version let us know. This is a cool game and if you don’t have it grab the free version, it’s tons of fun.