Frontback has announced their app has come out of beta for Android. The popular iOS app has been in the works for Android for some time, with a beta group working out the final bugs. Frontback is apparently happy with their product, and is bringing the app to photo and selfie junkies alike.

The app is pretty straightforward — you take a picture with the rear facing camera, after which you snap one of yourself using the front facing camera. It’s great for those times you see something so unbelievable you can’t find words to adequately describe your glee or disgust. Frontback also has a community where you can follow people and see their pictures, should they share them.

We’ve been toying with Frontback on Android for a few weeks, and it’s as easy as we just described it. Our lone issue is that it’s pretty portrait-mode focused, and the pics you snap are squared. If you’re looking to share a breathtaking panorama of the beach, this one won’t do. If you want the “Look at this, now look at me!” experience, Frontback is right up your alley.

If you’re familiar with Frontback on iOS, there is one thing the Android version offers that it’s predecessor doesn’t. Offline mode has been made available for Android straight away, which is coming for iOS soon. Frontback also says their user base has doubled in the past two months, and the number of uploads has tripled. It seems people are flocking to Frontback, so give it a shot — or two, I guess.

Source: Play Store