Many Android users are very happy to find out about Fring making its way into the Android Market. Yes, you are reading right, Fring has just released its first version for Android phones, enabling the world’s first free voice calls (VoIP) over Fring and Skype, MSN and Google talk. Beginning today, Android users will have a chance to use free VoIP calls not only over Fring, Skype, MSN and GoogleTalk, but also on hundreds of SIP providers.


With Fring you can see real-time presence and live chat with your ICQ, Yahoo! And AIM buddies, oh, and you can also use Twitter as part of your integrated contact list. Fring on Android works over 3G, GPRS or Wi-Fi internet connection. In addition to Android, Fring is also supported worldwide on thousands of Symbian S60, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Mobile, J2ME and Linux devices.

If you are one of those happy Android users who like to get Fring on your Android phone, you can download it via Fring’s WAP site at or directly via the Android Market. Also, the Fring Team wants you to know there are a few known Issues that will be fixed in the next version. Here you go:

– GSM contacts do not appear in fring’s buddy list on the Motorola DROID device
– Call disconnection tone may be heard a few times when terminating a call
– SIP and SkypeOut calls are not yet available on the Motorola DROID device

And now, to learn more from Fring themselves, watch the video below: