With the upcoming release of the HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy S and Dell Streak, the need for video calling software will increase drastically. Yes, most of these devices will come with preloaded software that can handle this but this is Android and there always room for choice. Fring will be the first to offer video calling software to Android and it is capable of a lot more than just that.

This is quite an accomplishment when you factor in the fact Google hasn’t added support for dual cameras in the SDK yet. Unlike the QIK app that’s included in the HTC EVO, this app does give you the ability to perform video calling. Since Fring is a VoIP client, it will allow you to make free calls over Wi-Fi and video chat.

The guys over at Androidandme were able to dig up some information on this app as well as the video below. Fring has yet to update their blog with this information so we’ll keep an eye out for it. Apps like this will be more in demand when more Android devices are released with dual camera. Check out the video demonstration below.