Only a few people within the Android community may actually need this but the Frija is here. This new tool replaces the SamFirm. The latter has been one useful program to quickly download the firmware for Samsung devices since 2015. It’s ideal for Android power users who know their way around coding and whatever firmware is available. Just like SamFirm, Frija lets you download the newest firmware for a Samsung mobile device. It can then flash the files at high speed with Odin.

The newly released Frija can download any firmware from a Samsung servicer directly. Frija checks Samsung FUS (Firmware Update Server) even without having to go through or use a third-party website. The tool itself can pause and resume downloads even when there’s interruption or do app restart.

The tool looks for the required information straight from the official Samsung Server. It also features an auto mode to identify any Samsung Phone Model and CSC.

Other special features include Night theme (Night Mode), a built-in App Updater, and a built-in Support form. The App Update tells the user when a new version of Frija is ready while the Support firm is any easy way to reach out to Frija devs about any issues.

Some devs may not like the idea but the firmware tool doesn’t come with any Background or Startup services. We’re curious about that too but no explanation is provided.

Frija was developed by XDA developer wssyncmldm with the help of eragon5779 and CrazyApe. You may see two versions available: 1.1.2 and 1.3.0. Both updates keep different changelogs. Frija 1.1.2 offers improved firmware search, fixes an issue where firmware was not available for valid Device and CSC, and update some message strings displayed to user. The latest version fixes the decryption issue of enc2 type encrypted firmware and Auto updater.

VIA: XDA Developers


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