FreedomPop has been giving consumers more options when it comes to choosing their devices, cellular plans, and mobile Internet access. This Los Angeles-based mobile phone and wireless internet provider aims to provide quality text, data, and voice services to those who want an alternative to the top mobile carriers in the country. The brand is gaining a lot of followers so we’re certain FreedomPop isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, its star has just begun to shine.

FreedomPop recently partnered with Intel to bring the first ever WiFi smartphone with free mobile service sometime next year. The two companies received a significant funding from Intel Capital to start work on a FreedomPop branded smartphone, of course, powered by Intel, specifically the Sofia platform. The idea is to design a true blue WiFi smartphone that will allow users to benefit from a more cost-effective network, saving on bills on data and cellular bills. The phone is expected to utilize the WiFi network of FreedomPop anywhere there is coverage in the United States.

The executives at both Intel and Intel Capital are excited to work with FreedomPop. Intel’s Platform Engineering Group VP and Gneral Manager of Phones at Intel Corp Sam Spangler said, “We look forward to working jointly with FreedomPop in improving the customer’s Wi-Fi first experience via this new smartphone utilizing FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi network”.

FreedomPop assured that the WiFi smartphone will be priced competitively . It will include WiFi to cellular switching that they hope will be seamless, reliable, and fas and will also offer high quality VoIP calls. The company has started to provide free data, voice, and text services to some mobile users already and it will only continue to deliver affordable prices and yet still with cutting-edge technology as FreedomPop CEO and founder Stephen Stokols. “Intel’s investment shows the considerable opportunity we have to bring more mobile choice and value to consumers,” Stokols said.

FreedomPop currently offers affordable WiFi access via WiFi hotspots. For only $5 per month, you can access millions of WiFi hotspots right on your smartphone. It’s currently the lowest unlimited mobile Internet plan in the country.

SOURCE: FreedomPop