It’s time for another round-up of apps that you may not normally buy if you don’t want to spend money on apps. But since they’re free for a few days, you may actually consider getting them if you find them useful. We have space-themed customization apps, learning vocabulary words from another language, an app to help with your math formulas, and something to make your Facebook a bit more colorful.

Fella for Facebook ($1.19 – Free for the next 7 days)

You probably use Facebook a lot but sometimes you’re just so bored with all the blue and white. But you also don’t want to spend to buy an app that can change its color. Well for the next 7 days you can get Fella for Facebook for free. The web wrapper brings you a Facebook app that is according to your material color preference. And the great thing is that it’s not heavy, it’s battery efficient and it’s ad-free. The UI is clean and intuitive, and you have almost all the Facebook features you need.

EngWords ($2.99 – Free for 1 day)

If English is not your first language and you would like to improve your vocabulary, EngWords is free for just one more day so you better download it now. Its database has 3,500 nouns, verbs, adjectives, and numerals translated into 79 different languages. You can exercise through learning, dictation, testing, and writing. You will be able to hear the correct pronunciation, see the translation and proper usage and use the app even when you’re offline.

Five ($2.99 – Free for 1 day)

If it’s Spanish that you’re seeking to learn, there is an also an app that can help you with that. Five has 5,000 of the most common Spanish words in its library. You get to learn them in what is one of the most effective ways you can do it – through flashcards. Each card has one word and one expression so you can learn to use the word in context. You just have to click on the card to see the translation. And another great thing is that you can also use it offline.

Math Input Keyboard ($0.99 – Free for 6 days)

If it’s math that seems like another language to you, you probably won’t have any use for this app. But if your work or your classes involve a lot of computations and calculations, more than what your phone’s standard keyboard can help you with, this may be useful. You can type in symbols and Greek letters and fractions, and all the signs and symbols that you need. Users are requesting the developers to remove the vibration though so that must be one thing that’s annoying about the app.

Space Symphony 3D Pro LWP ($1.19 – Free for 2 days)

Apparently, people enjoy having all these space themed live wallpapers around because new ones keep popping up every week. And from this particular app you get planets, nebulas, asteroids, meteors, and all other photogenic space-related imagery you can get. You get 10 different camera angles that you can choose from and a cinematic camera to take you on a “fantastic virtual tour”.

Material Space Theme ($1.19 – Free for 2 days)

And speaking of more space, although in a different context, Xperia device owners may want to get this Material Space Theme that will change your phone’s whole look, including the lockscreen clock, the keyboard layout, icon packs, and even the User Interface of your device. However, it looks like it won’t work perfectly for all Sony devices. But if you have Android 8.0 Nougat already, it shouldn’t be a problem.

SOURCE: Reddit