Today’s free app of the day at the Amazon App Store for Android is Collapse. Originally released as a PC game by Real Networks, Collapse is an intense spin on block clearing games. The game also adds a role playing flavor to it. Users can play seven quick game modes including Classic, Relapse, Strategy, Puzzle, Panic Attack, Continuous, and Countdown. There’s also a play quest mode.

The object of Collapse is to clear out groups of three or more blocks of the same color as the screen fills up row by row. The longer the round goes, the faster the blocks collect. Tap a group of blocks and they disappear giving points. The larger the blocks, the larger the points awarded.

Hit the wrong block and you lose points for accuracy. There’s also special blocks that can help clear blocks out including a Super Bomb that removes a three block radius, Color bomb that takes out all blocks of one color, the Row bomb which takes out entire rows, and a Cross Bomb which eliminates intersecting blocks. Scrambler reshuffles the blocks to give a better chance at grouping, and if things get too fast, the hourglass lets you pause.

Each game mode spins the block collection meme with new challenges. Block collisions, strategy, and a marathon challenge to see how long you can last. Users can also customize the look and style of your hero’s outfit, quest for blocks in another land, and battle foes like Blocktopus and Blockula. Fun and free, Collapse will cause you to waste some precious time, but not mind doing it!

[via DroidGamers]