Foursquare started out as one of the earliest location-sharing apps, where you can let others know where you’ve been and keep track of where your friends are. But over the past few months, they’re trying to evolve into more than just that, and they have just announced their upcoming rebranding, including a new logo and a much more personalised service where you can discover new places to visit, wherever you are.

In two weeks time, they will be rolling out a brand new Foursquare that will be more about the users’ individualised taste, because they believe that their service should not be one size fits all. As they said, “No two people view the world exactly the same, so no two people will have the same experience with the app.” Based on the information you input on the new app, like the things you like, the people you follow, and the places you visit, as well as your past history, Foursquare will give you specialized recommendations. The 50,000,000 registered users helped build the database, through the check-in history, tips, photos from the app’s previous version.


The rebranding also means that all check-ins will now be transferred to their other service, Swarm, which they launched a couple of months ago. But all the past Foursquare check-ins as well as the contacts will be transferred to the other app as well. The two apps will be working seamlessly together, if you choose to use them both. After years of carrying the same checkmark logo, Foursquare will also be changing it to be “a mix of map pin and superhero emblem.”


However, you won’t be able to see yet the new look Foursquare for now, except through the preview in their blog. You can download Swarm from the Google Play Store and then wait for a couple of weeks when they finally roll out the new version of Foursquare.

SOURCE: Foursquare