Foursquare users, you have an Android app update ready and waiting. The update is available in the expected location, that is to say the Google Play Store. Perhaps more important though — the changes that have been included. Foursquare has noted how this update brings “three big changes” and should in general, make it easier to find the best stuff around you.

Breaking these changes down a bit further and we have updates to the Explore tab, the ability to quickly see if any of your friends happen to be checked in nearby and quicker access to your to-do list. Beginning first with the changes with the Explore tab. Users will now see this at the top of the home screen and from here will be able to tap the search bar and begin typing what you happen to be looking for. Or alternatively, what you happen to be craving in terms of food. In addition to searching, the app also allows for browsing of categories and checking the top pics in an area using the “Best Nearby” option.

Next up is the improvements to finding friends. This will come in the form of a map that will show not only nearby friends, but also places that Foursquare thinks you will like. Furthermore, on the topic of friends, the nearby friends option is now sitting on top of the stream. As for those to-do lists, this is now easily accessible from the left hand drawer and can be found by tapping the icon in the top left or by swiping to the right. The left hand drawer also gives quick access to other goodies such as your profile and history as well as settings and more.

In addition to these bigger changes in the Foursquare for Android app, users will also notice some other smaller changes. For example, the check in button is now on the bottom left and the process to add friends has been simplified. Finally, while these changes all seem worthy enough, the team at Foursquare is continuing to tease of future updates noting that “an even better personalized map on your home screen” is coming.

[via Foursquare Blog]